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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Leeds

Associate Professor
Director of Integrative Neuroscience Program
Computer and Information Science Department
Fordham University


332 John Mulcahy Hall
Phone: 718-817-5196


I am teaching Systems Neuroscience (CISC 3250) in Spring 2021.

Research interests

I direct the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at Fordham, powered by talented undergraduates and Masters students in Computer Science and Integrative Neuroscience. My research studies the computational principles underlying perception and cognition. I pursue connections between the statistical patterns of the natural world of sights and the resulting representations in the minds of human and animal observers. I also model potential sources of cognitive decline (short- and long-term) — including concussion and aging. My work draws on theories in computer vision, machine learning, psychology, biology, and statistics, among other areas. I also dedicate significant attention to the development and application of data analysis techniques to gain better understandings of neural (and other biological) data.

I also co-direct the Educational Data Mining Laboratory together with Prof. Gary Weiss. We study the factors affecting student course performance, including prior course backgrounds and instruction styles.