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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Leeds

Associate Professor
Chair of the Computer and Information Sciences Department
Computer and Information Sciences Department
Fordham University

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8039-1088, DBLP ID: 195/1823, Google Scholar ID: RwGvAzIAAAAJ


340A John Mulcahy Hall
Phone: 718-817-5196


CISC 3250 - Systems Neuroscience

Research interests

I direct the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at Fordham, powered by talented undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science, Data Science, and Integrative Neuroscience. My research studies the computational principles underlying perception and cognition. I pursue connections between the statistical patterns of the natural world of sights and the resulting representations in the minds of human and animal observers. I also model potential sources of cognitive decline (short- and long-term) — including concussion and aging. Additionally, I investigate factors contributing to underreporting and delayed reporting of concussions. My work draws on theories in computer vision, machine learning, psychology, biology, and statistics, among other areas. I also dedicate significant attention to the development and application of data analysis techniques to gain better understandings of neural (and other biological) data.

I also co-direct the Educational Data Mining Laboratory together with Prof. Gary Weiss. We study the factors affecting student course performance, including prior course backgrounds and instruction styles.