Software Downloads


Publications, Results, Demos, Videos: (FRCVLab Wiki is currently down sorry).



Video File Downloads

Right click and download the following:

Out Door Scenes, multiple targets.

Indoor Scenes, 1 and 2 targets.

Each ZIP file has a number of folders: 1 per video sequence. Each

folder has a number of BMP files, one per frame in the video sequence.


BMP Player. Windows Software to Playback BMP sequences.


GTF Files. Ground truth files for some of the sequences.

FileFormat:<numtargets><first frame num> {<target1x><target1y> . . . <targetnx><targetny>}*

note: (targetx,targety)=(0,0) before a target enters or after a target leaves




Movie Downloads

Right click and download to your desktop before starting.


Puma Chase Sequence.


These should play when you click on them

Tripod Sequence: fast v1

Tripod Sequence: fast v2

Tripod Sequence: Slow v1.

Tripod Sequence: Slow v2.

Tripod Sequence: hi torque.

Tripod Sequence epicycloid slow.



Spatiogram Downloads


(Spatiograms are the xxx_tsg.csv files, xxx.bmp and xxx-disp.bmp are images)


Spatiogram format:

File format: one line per bin

Bins: RGB Format, 25 buckets 11 values per bin

Histogram size: 25*25*25, only nonzero buckets written

Line =I,Nb,R,G,B,mX,vX,mY,vY,mZ,vZ

I is the index, Nb is unormalized frequency

RGB are the color channels 0..255

mX,vX are the mean and variance in X,

same for Y and Z


o       TSG 1 Robot landmark sequences (TSG rlm 360)


o       TSG 2 Furniture landmark sequences (TSG 090609)




Match-Mediated Motion Difference Files


Windows/OpenCv Visual C++ code (no images) download

Code plus some big image folders download.
















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