Gary M. Weiss' Student Animations

Below are some of the projects that were done by students in my Structures of Computer Science (CISC 1100) class, an introductory class that satisfies the Fordham core requirement for mathematical/computational reasoning. These simple animations were constructed using the Alice programming environment, which can be learned in about an hour by students without any programming background (you may download the program for free from the Alice site). These animations were done by students who were not Computer Science majors and where we only spent 2-3 classes on (alice) programming.

Note that because the files are large it may take a minute for the "movies" to load once you click on them. Enjoy!

Pyramid Dance
by Anthony Matos (31MB)
Fall 2008 Semester
Super Cowboys
by Andrew Fraser
Fall 2008 Semester
(available from youtube)
Bosses Daughter
by Jack McLeod (43MB)
Spring 2008 Semester
The Commedian
by Chris Less (101MB)
Spring 2008 Semester
Ninja vs. Samurai
by Paul Krueger (100MB)
Spring 2008 Semester
Space Cat
by Emily Genetta (56MB)
Fall 2008 Semester
Space Cow
by Thomas Corrado (38MB)
Spring 2008 Semester
Desert Jam
by Danielle Moeser (75MB)
Fall 2008 Semester
Wizard and Princess
by Eamon Stewart (31 MB)
Fall 2008 Semester

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