Universitas FordhamensisD.M.LyonsDamian M. Lyons
Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer &Information Science
Room 320 John Mulcahy Hall (JMH)
Fordham University
441 E.Fordham Rd.
Bronx NY 10458

PH: (718) 817-4485 FX: (718) 817-4488

EM: dlyons(at)fordham.edu 


Dr. Damian M. Lyons is a Professor of Computer Science at Fordham University. He is the Founder and Director of Fordham's Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory as well as Director of the CS doctoral program. He has served as Fordham's interim Chief Research Officer/Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs and as Computer and Information Sciences Department Chair.

Dr. Lyons has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science from Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. He earned his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His research interests are in Robotics, Computer Vision and Software Engineering:

His background includes over 15 years as a researcher and research program manager at the US division of Philips corporate research laboratories; he was Department head for the Video and Display Processing research department, responsible for technical leadership and funding for this diverse group, and project leader for Philips' research activities in Automated Video Surveillance. He joined Fordham in 2002, and served as Department Chair from 2006 to 2011 and as interim Chief Research Office and Associate VP for Academic Affairs for Fordham during the 2015/16 academic year. He has served on numerous program committees, has published over 100 technical papers in conferences, journals and books, and is inventor/co-inventor of 13 US patents. Dr. Lyons is a member of ACM and a life senior member of IEEE.

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My research interests are in Robotics and in Computer Vision, in particular for systems that operate robustly in the same kind of dynamic and unstructured environments as humans. I am interested in the principles of perceptual systems that combine diverse channels of information about the robot and its environment in the service of behaviors such as target tracking, navigation, wayfinding and exploration. I conduct work in both the theoretical and experimental aspects of this problem domain. My approach is influenced by Arbib's perceptual and motor schema theory, by behavior-based systems and by hybrid deliberative-reactive systems. A significant portion of my work has been the formal analysis of plans and programs using the techniques of static analysis and Bayesian networks. I am especially interested in how to handle unknown or unexpected environments using techniques such as visual homing.

I am the director of the Fordham Robotics and Computer Vision (FRCV) Lab.
Recent projects include:



Interested in doing Robotics and/or Computer Vision research? Email: dlyons(at)fordham.edu




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See my book: Cluster Computing for Robotics and Computer Vision (click on the image):

Click here for more information on the 2nd edition of the Fundamentals of Discrete Structures (Lyons, Papadakis-Kanaris, Weiss & Werschulz) text (click on the image for the amazon page)


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